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If I train with you, will my workout be the same each week?
No.  After an assessment involving your muscular strength, core stability, and flexibility, I will create an individualized exercise program to help reduce the likelihood of injury and address your health and fitness goals.  Your workout will change every week to avoid boredom, eliminate plateaus, and enable you to get the results you want.
Am I guaranteed results?
You are 100% guaranteed REALISTIC results. We shall meet and exceed all your short term goals and you will see and feel a difference in a matter of weeks.  The results are largely dependent on your commitment and adherence to the program (ie: eating right and training regularly).
But I’m intimidated by free weights. Maybe I should stick to the treadmill or use machines?
In most cases, going to a commercial fitness center and a treadmill or machines hasn’t worked for you.  Functional training using free weights is an effective method to losing weight and transforming your body.  Some people, and especially women, shy away from using free weights because they believe it will make them bulky and masculine and also because it seems hard to do.  In the privacy of my studio with expert instruction, I will show you techniques using free weights to transform your body to look fit with confidence.

What am I paying for?
When you visit an attorney, doctor, or other professional, he/she is paid for the time they are spending with you, not necessarily the diagnosis or the service. The diagnosis is a result of their time spent evaluating and testing you. As your trainer, you are paying for the time I spend with you exclusively, creating and modifying your exercise program while coaching you throughout the duration of our training. You will also have periodic communication and follow-ups by email, texts, or phone calls. Meeting your goals is a result of the time we spend together.
My fitness center charges only $10 a month. Why pay for additional training with you?
That price is very low and I can’t beat that.  They are obviously following a business model of high volume, which could mean lower attention to clients.  My rates are higher.  However, this investment in your health actually saves you something that is priceless: your TIME. For years, people go to gyms only to waste hours of their time and energy walking on treadmills and using machines–seeing little results.  This is stressful and a waste of time.  My programs are more effective and will enable you to spend more of your time with your family, leisure activities, and have more energy to do the things you love.  In addition, as a result of being more fit, you’ll spend less time at your doctor’s office and take less, or preferably, no medications, which is a savings long-term.
Will I have the same trainer every workout?
Yes. The only trainers here at Cida Fitness are myself and my wife, Cida.
Louis Moore, M.S. Coach and Personal Trainer

Louis Moore, M.S.

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