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Our goal is to get you on a path that is best suited for where you are in your life now and help you co-create a strategic approach to exercise participation to develop skills and abilities that would facilitate desired lifestyle changes.

It’s not about just losing weight and looking good. It’s about finding out what your true-life goals and visions are and helping you reach peak performance to live an extraordinary life. Want to be an outstanding teacher, fantastic lawyer, better tennis player or have more energy than your children to be the best parent and/or grandparent? How about your inner desire to finally learn a new adventure sport like white water rafting? Are you on the dating scene again and want to look your very best to attract a new mate?

Personal training can help you gain the skills and results necessary to reach higher levels in your life goals.

Our Philosophy:  “to inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more in life.”

Our Mission is to guide, educate and coach you to adopt a fitness lifestyle and achieve a more functional and beautiful body through personal training, coaching, group fitness classes, water fitness and sports.

Our job as a personal trainer and coach is to motivate and inspire you to new levels of fitness excellence. We will teach you how to have a safe and effective workout to achieve your goals focusing on correct form, mental focus and visualization, awareness of muscle groups being trained, and level of intensity while being an enjoyable session. Additionally, you will learn principles of nutrition to properly fuel your workouts and eat well. You will have the confidence and knowledge to walk into any fitness center and create your own effective exercise programs and live healthy for a lifetime.  The focus will be to help you prepare your body for functional activities, to avoid injury, and to gain an overall sense of well-being.

The Program Includes:

Initial Profiling and Orientation Session: On the first day, we will get a detailed background, assessment and evaluation of your current situation. You will list all of your goals, challenges and past issues relating to exercise and food. We will also provide an overview on various weight-loss myths and discuss fitness and nutrition principles based on credible research that works. Our 100-page e-book “Train For A Better Life” will also be given to you to immediately start reading and implementing.

On the second day, we will learn safe and effective cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training techniques and receive workout routine plans for the next 12 weeks or more. You will also learn balance training, reactive training and core training routines.

Workout Sessions.  We will be there to motivate, coach and inspire you through your workouts making sure you are doing them safely and correctly. Additionally, we will monitor your progress, discuss issues that have come up and adjust your plan to fit more closely with your current life situations, if needed. And, we will review your exercise and nutrition logs at each meeting and provide you with feedback. We will use your logs to modify your eating plan and exercise plan for best results.

Last Meeting: We will review your exercise and nutrition logs and discuss your progress and how you feel. Recommendations will be given to continue a healthy lifestyle along with workout routine plans for 3 additional months. If you want more training, no problem . . . we can continue. It’s up to you.

What We Expect From You:

  • Make yourself a priority in your life
  • Make a commitment
  • Complete reading assignments
  • Be consistent with your nutrition and exercise log
  • Voice any concerns immediately
  • Be on time for your appointments
  • Come prepared and ready to exercise
  • Have fun!

Each session lasts 30 – 60 minutes and is customized based on your goals and abilities.  When we finish, you will look and feel like a million dollars!  We guarantee it.


All personal training sessions are conducted in a private setting at Cida Fitness.  Cida Fitness is located in the heart of Sugar Land in Sugar Mill at 1239-B Eldridge Road, Sugar Land, TX 77478..  It is a modern fitness studio for group fitness classes and private personal training.  It has an ultra nice sound system, cardio equipment, beautiful wooden floor, and an assortment of functional fitness equipment to train clients to bettter health and fitness, such as dumbbells, medicine balls, stability balls, elastic bands, kettle bells, TRX straps, full range of plyo boxes, adjustable pulley system, and a power rack for full spectrum of barbell exercises.

We can also train you privately in your pool for a great aquatic fitness workout with very little impact on your joints.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We want to assure you that we guarantee our work and always go the extra mile for you.