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If you’ve struggled with fad diets and workout routines, only to feel like you aren’t getting anywhere, our fitness and nutrition programs are for you! Take a moment to read this page to find out what we can do for you.

Hello!  My name is Lou Moore and I’m a fitness and wellness professional in Sugar Land, TX.  I offer lifestyle fitness coaching and personal training services at my private studio Cida Fitness specifically for men in midlife to turn things around to look, feel and move better.   I can help you regain your health, fitness and confidence to live your life to the fullest, such as:

  • increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat
  • speeding up your metabolism
  • improving your mood and disposition
  • enhancing your mental focus
  • raising your energy level
  • handling stress more effectively
  • sleeping better
  • having more drive and confidence in your life
  • significantly boosting your sexual performance

Get the results you’ve been looking for

Have you tried dieting and working out, only to be let down? Do you have trouble dragging yourself to the gym every day?

Our program is designed specifically for the “average Joe” to be able to lose weight and keep it off, with a combination of nutrition, motivation, and fitness.

Our Fitness Formula


Our proprietary workout system will ensure that you lose weight and build muscle quickly and safely. We have developed a workout that targets all the right muscle groups, while simultaneously burning unwanted fat.

Our experience as trainers can help you with nutrition in between workouts to allow you to reach your goals faster. Nutrition is a big part of getting fit, don’t ignore it!

If you’re a woman, no problem.  My wife Cida specializes in personal training helping women in midlife attain healthy weight loss, bodyshaping, and optimal fitness.  Click here to visit her page.

If working out on your own hasn’t produced the type of results you need, that’s why we’re here. Start today!

Stay strong!

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